Is it worth risking?

CCTV is now an omnipresent means of security – from the home CCTV cameras that record very low res jerky images up to the high tech street CCTV systems. They certainly play their part in crime fighting, giving valuable evidence from the scene of a crime that may or may not help track down the perpetrators, but do they give the best protection to your property?

Any CCTV or alarm system is only as good as the response time of the security company who monitor it, and if that means that it takes an hour to get someone to your property, chances are that the crime has been committed and the perpetrator long gone, with hardly any chance of being caught if they mask their identity. As a deterrent then, CCTV alone is not 100% effective, although is an excellent back up tool to having an on site presence. A patrolling security guard on site will be able to respond much more quickly to a situation and will stand a better chance of preventing access in the first place, let alone preventing any crime being committed.

It all comes down to money – which method is going to be the best value for you? Best value doesn’t mean cheapest, you need a service that is effective and will protect your valuable property. If you have a run-down property in the middle of nowhere, with nothing of value in it, you might think a camera will be sufficient – but will that stop squatters or travellers from occupying your property? Probably not, although the new laws on residential properties make it easier to get these people out now. However, if your property is classed as non-residential, you will have a fight on your hands. Having a uniformed patrolling presence there would prevent them gaining access in the first place. The question you have to ask is ‘How much do I value my property and how much will it cost to put things right if anything does happen?’

Of course, you could always adopt the ‘belt and braces’ approach and have both, then the cameras are keeping a watchful eye on all areas with a security guard on site to respond immediately (if they haven’t already seen the intruders).

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